September 27, 2005

Shoulder here, Shoulder gone: be grateful

The other day as I left my apartment I saw a headline in the newspaper telling the world about a tragedy that occurred last night. A large fifteen-passenger van blew a tire and rolled four times coming to a stop 300 feet off the side of the road. As of right now, 7 are dead with a few in critical condition in the hospital. What was here . . . now is gone. What a tragedy, what a difficult trial. A trial to the degree of which, I do not know. My thoughts are with the families and this extreme, life-altering, paradigm shift they are struggling to be accustomed to.

How unfortunate of an uncommon accident (for the lack of more powerful words), yet how unfortunately common for many of us.

In other words, what we have today (whether it be relationships, jobs or personal belongings) may or may not be here tomorrow. Why is it that for many of us, we “don’t know what we got, ‘till it’s gone?” Why do we sometimes need something to be taken away in order for us to truly appreciate what we once had? Why can’t we appreciate our blessings now? Well . . . why don’t we?

Why is it that I did not appreciate having a healthy shoulder until I tore some ligaments in my right shoulder the other day? Shoulder here, is a shoulder gone.

Choose to. Choose this day to value what you need most. Do not become so accustomed to the blessings of today that the tragedies of tomorrow are what it takes to be grateful.

We should try to be grateful now. So that when adversity comes, we can look at it, learn from it and say, at least “I have been grateful for that. I always have been and always will" - because I chose to be.


  1. Even today the memory of the living conditions of some of our Russian friends is with me. It's a constant reminder of how grateful I should be for what I have now. So true, well said.