July 18, 2009

Your complete self

A complete life is not just about one thing - whither that thing be a job, school, a healthy lifestyle, friends, or hobbies - a complete life is about stretching your self, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Those five aspects of life must all be addressed, considered, and emphasized. No one aspect can stand alone - each aspect depends on another to reach its maximum potential.

July 7, 2009

A Conversation about Twitter - Part One - to tweet or not to tweet

Fresh Consulting shares unique insight on twitter and puts this phenomenon into perspective. Check Fresh out at: www.FreshConsulting.com

July 1, 2009

no more cyclical measures - focus on the long-term ... the Deloitte Center for the Edge: Shift Index

After nearly six months of non-stop brainstorming, collaboration, and analytical exercises, our team at the Deloitte Center for the Edge launched the Shift Index: a new way to measure long-term trends in the digital economy.

John Hagel, our co-chairman, recently spoke about the index on CNBC. We also were featured in an article in the Harvard Business Review, the Harvard Business School blog and the Financial Times.

Get full access to the report here.

I will post a more substantive post, providing more of an overview of the content at a later time ... for now, take a perusal of some of these links. This has truly been rewarding and important challenge and hopefully will generate further debate and discussion on how to navigate the new world.